Booking is essential for all classes.

There are 3 ways to book classes with us.

Via the LIVE TIMETABLE: Bookings via the timetable below are direct, follow the steps and once you see a green tick you are booked in. Payment can be made online or at the studio. The studio accepts cash and card.

Via the BOOKING FORM: You can book with us using the form, this is ideal for booking more than 1 person into a class and if you have any questions please fire them over in the form too. There may be a small delay in confirming booking received through the booking form.

Via the MINDBODY APP: The app can be found in your app store under MINDBODY, once downloaded please search for Quay Yoga Studio and then our timetable is at your fingertips. All bookings made through the app are direct too, once you’ve booked you are in.




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Class Descriptions:

Absolute: a linear practice of one pose after the other, a healing practice that varies little from class to class.

Body Sculpt: a Fitness yoga hybrid, multiple reps and always building toward inversion poses.

Beginners: a class that focuses on the fundamentals of yoga so you're happy in any of our other classes.

hot flow: A flow class in 30 degree heat, increasing the sweat and deepening the stretch.

quick fix: A 45 minute lunchtime fix, sequences and styles vary in this class from week to week.

hot beginners: our beginners class  that focuses on the fundamentals of yoga as well as an introduction to hot yoga where the temperature settles around 28 degrees.

hatha: gentle flows mixed with longer holds.

renew and restore: a very restorative practice with long holds.

sunrise yoga: the best way to start your day, flowing with your breathe and awakening the body

Vinyasa: Movement to breath. steadily paced with creative sequencing.

fitness yoga: Includes reps and holds to strengthen, tone and shape the whole body.

twilight relaxation: our sunday favourite. a gentle class with breath and meditation to end one week and start the next.

All our classes are suitable for all level so please don't worry about attending any of our classes!